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Carpet Comeback

After years of ‘alternative types of flooring’ carpets are set to make a comeback.

Homeowners have reconnected with the warmer, softer look of carpets, which are emerging as a focal point in people’s homes. A bright, rich coloured, patterned or textured carpet can act as an attractive feature.

Although alternative flooring such as hardwood, laminate or tiles are very durable and can be ideal for areas of the home frequently used.

Recent, popular television shows have encouraged people to experiment with their decor and have inspired homeowners to be daring and try new things.

If you are unsure about choosing a patterned carpet, why not try a textured carpet instead? Textured carpets can make a room look more interesting as well as providing a soft and comfortable feel to the room.


To find out more about the range of carpets in Yorkshire, please get in contact with Carpet ‘n’ Care by filling in our assessment form or contact 01274 405613.


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