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We recognised that using the internet for research is a good place to start but finding the right product & gaining the right information can be a minefield. We wanted to bring together the products of the top flooring manufacturers such as Amtico, Brintons carpets, Karndean & Ulster carpets in one place. Offering quality products and service and providing lots of useful information in one place.

We are not a company who want to just sell you something without your needs & requirements been discussed, we want to help you create your desired effect & help you find the flooring that will best do that, which is why along the reasons listed below we believe you can use carpetncare.com with confidence.

    * Direct contact
    * Bone Fide retailer in the UK
    * Over 30 years experience in the industry
    * Experienced & knowledgable about the products & their suitablilty
    * Quality products to compliment any home on display in the showroom ( more choice to see & feel )
    * Sample loan service
    * Design service for the more bespoke products
    * Full measuring & estimating service ( should you measure it wrong there is no comeback on the internet retailer )
    * Expert subfloor preparation to ensure the perfect finish for your flooring
    * Qualified & trained installers ( no having to source your own fitter !! )
    * After sales service ( should a problem arise !! )

Our aim is to simply to ensure your satisfaction for you to enjoy your creation, something for you to be proud about.

If you are looking for other services in the home improvement sector such as roofing, rendering, roof coating, roof repairs or wall coating, don’t hesitate in contacting UK Roofing Services today.

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